Fishing Tournament Registration

1. Date of Tournament:  Friday September 29th, 2017 On tournament day, anglers may leave from and return to any port,  however, must be present at 1530hrs at The Getaway.


3. Eligible Fish:  write my essay Red Fish, Snook and Trout All must be caught on hook and line.

• All federal, state, and local rules must be followed.

• Permitted practices: fishing from boat, kayak, land, or dock. Natural and artificial baits, chumming, wading.

• All fish must be caught with handheld rods and reels. No electric reels, gigs, spears, or netting will be allowed.

• Every effort should be made to ensure a safe, live release

4. Captains Meeting:  A captains meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 28th to review rules, distribute rulers and pass out tournament shirts.

5. Weather:  Participants enter the Tournament at their own risk and discretion.  Captain and crew must decide on each individual boat capabilities to fish on September 29th

6. Measure-In:  This tournament will be Catch and Release only.  While participants may keep fish of legal size, you must bring in a digital camera, media card or other type of digital image of the fish you caught on top of the official measuring device to enter your catch.  All captains will be issued an approved ruler to use in the photo.  Bring your digital image to the The Getaway NLT 3:30 pm You must be in line at the deadline.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Largest fish will be determined by length only.  All fish will be measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. In case of a tie the fish measured first will be the winner.  (REMEMBER –DO NOT BRING ANY FISH TO THE MEASURE-IN.) You MUST take your photo with the official measuring device (that will be given out at the Captains’ Meeting).  See instructions for measuring the fish in the Skipper’s Package. Put the special measuring device that you are given on the deck of your boat. Lay the fish on top of the measuring device.   Put the snout of the fish on the zero (the end of the measuring device) and the tip of the tail on the higher number.  You are responsible for getting the snout of the fish exactly on the zero end of the measuring device.  If a fish is longer than the 48 inch yardstick, the first photograph presented to the judges will be declared the winner.

7. Digital Cameras, media cards, or other types of digital images that fail to clearly show the length of the fish, with the official measuring devise, will be disallowed.

Resolutions of any disputes or rules violations will be determined by the judges at the time of the incident

8. Minimizing Fish Mortality:  We discourage killing or harming fish for the tournament.  If an entrant has caught and killed a keeper for their own use, all efforts should be employed to preserve, revive and release subsequent fish.

9. Fishing Hours:  Saturday, September 29th lines may go in at 6:00AM and the deadline for photo weigh-in is 3:30 PM.  On tournament day, anglers may leave from and return to any port. Again, you must be in line at the The Getaway by 3:30 PM at the latest.

10. Divisions:  The tournament will again feature three divisions—boat, kayak, and paddle board

11. All participants and guests of participants are responsible for their own personal safety and the security of their personal property and expressly assume any and all risks to their personal safety and well being as a result of their participation in the tournament.  It is a pre-condition of participation in the Tournament that all participants shall release and hold harmless Airlift Tanker Association any sponsors from any and all claims, losses, costs and expenses, personal injuries, wrongful deaths and property damage, whatsoever, arising from or during participation in the Fishing Tournament.  By electing to participate in the Air Force ball Fishing  Tournament, all participants agree to, and grant this release of liability and shall not be permitted to withdraw or disavow that release of liability.

12. Merchandise prizes from sponsors will be awarded as follows:

(First, Second, and Third Prizes for each division

Also the best overall length)

• Using the provided measuring board, photo must show the complete fish (head to tail) against provided official measuring board. Anglers will submit photos to XXxX Send one email per photo entry the day of the tournament.

• You must enter lengths of qualifying fish on a provided scorecard. Fish lengths will be rounded to the nearest 1/4 inch

In the event that the tournament is rained out, your entry fee will become a tax-deductible donation to the Tanker Airlift Association